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Beyond Religious Shame: Navigating Divorce when you grew up in the church #273

Episode Summary

In this eye-opening episode, we shatter the stigma surrounding divorce and unveil the transformative power of navigating life's challenges. Join the conversation as we explore how those who've weathered the storm and worked through adversity often emerge with a more well-rounded, healthier approach to life. Dive into personal reflections on the journey through divorce and witness the evolution of perspectives that defy societal norms. From the shame associated with divorce to embracing a profound transformation, this episode is a testament to the strength that arises when we confront life head-on. 🌈✨ #DivorceTransformation #BreakingStigmas #LifeAfterDivorce

Episode Notes

In this poignant episode, we delve into the raw and unfiltered reality of navigating divorce at a young age within the confines of religious expectations. Join the conversation as we explore  Ashlie's and my journeys, contemplating the societal stigma that made death seem more acceptable than divorce. Discover the profound vulnerability that surfaces when societal norms clash with personal truths. From the desperate thought that death might be an easier option to the unfiltered confession of not wishing harm, this episode is a testament to the emotional complexity young individuals face when challenging deeply ingrained beliefs. 🌟💔

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